Pictures of Redemption

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I've studied the Bible, but I'd like you to tell me: What's the gospel about? Give me the key? Tell me what it means?
The answer to this question is more than simply a set of doctrines that must be believed, with corresponding doctrines to be rejected. Intellectual understanding of a statement of faith is not the final object of faith. After the First Principals have been mastered (as they must be), we must face the fact that there is something beyond.

As we live out our lives day by day, the important issue is not so much how redemption has been achieved, but rather what redemption means, morally and spiritually - what it means, every, to belong to God.

As much as we might like to explain the atonement in straightforward terms, the Bible doesn't present it that way. Scripture abounds with pictures: parables, analogies and figures of speech that illustrate the many facets of redemption.
Pictures of Redemption
Author: George Booker
Publisher: Christadelphian Tiding
ISBN: 13-978-0--9776077-7-8
Date Published: 1/10/2014
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