How Sure Are The Foundations?

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by Colin Badger
How Sure Are the Foundations?
An Appeal to Roman Catholics
by Colin Badger
164 pages including a full resource section and Bibliography
This excellent book is written to challenge the point of view that Catholics often have - that their Church traditions and so called revelations are more important than God's living word.
A very effective book to base your discussions on, or even to give to your Catholic friends.
Chapter titles are:
Questioning For Truth
Reasoning from the Scriptures
Can the claims be confirmed?
Living words are the Living Guide
The Church's One Foundation
An Invitation
A revealing lecture
Turning Point
Following where truth leads
How Sure Are The Foundations?
Author: Colin Badger
Publisher: ASK
ISBN: 96
Date Published: 1/8/2003
Product Code: 25455
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Cover: Soft Bound
Pages: 163
Size: 4.25x7