Whole Armor of God, The

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The story of Malchiah Ben Rachab
This book seeks to provide a spiritual alternative to the literature the world makes available to our Sunday School Scholars. It is about a boy named Malchiah who lives during the times of the Kings. Malchiah is a member of the house of Rachab, an extended family mention in the Bible with whom Christadelphian young people should readily identify. Like the Christadelphians, the Rechabites where Gentile believers in the Hope of Israel who faithfully followed God in a time when false religion and immorality abounded. Like Christadelphian young people of today, Malchiah faces trials that test his faith and bring him closer to God.
Whole Armor of God, The
Author: Ryan Mutter & Esther Feagan
Publisher: Printland Publishing
ISBN: 81 87409 71 1
Date Published: 3/22/2009
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Cover: Softbound
Pages: 150
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Year: 1999