Would You Like to be in God's Kingdom

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Help your pre-school and early elementary age children learn to answer that question with a definite “Yes!”
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With charming full-color pictures and easy rhyming text, this book introduces simple, child-pleasing aspects of God’s coming kingdom. Written and illustrated by Christadelphian sisters, the 20-page soft cover book shows children frolicking with animals, hearing stories from Bible characters and playing in the streets of Jerusalem. Included with these are various reminders for children about learning of God and obeying their parents so that they can be in God’s kingdom. Each page also shows several related Bible verses. A charming introduction to the kingdom for young children.
Would You Like to be in God's Kingdom
Author: Sharon Abel Martha Sales
Publisher: CSSS
Date Published: 9/15/2003
Product Code: 81360
Drawer: 238
Cover: Stapled
Pages: 24
Size: 10" x 7"