The Pumpkin Contest

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The Pumpkin Contest is a picture book about a young coming to understand the harm done by grudges and false accusations. The story centers on . . .
Joanne and the pumpkin she has planted and cared for to win a local contest. When Joanne’s pumpkin is destroyed, it seems that her best friend Sara is to blame. But the end of the contest brings surprising revelations for both s. Joanne’s reaction to these events can help children learn to deal with difficult situations without bitterness. This 38-page full-color soft cover book is aimed at elementary age children.

The colour illustrations beautifully done in children's style make this a book children will read and reread. It is a story based on Christ's instructions not to falsely accuse anyone (Luke 3:12-14), a problem not unique to children!
Written by Frank Abel and illustrated by his daughter Martha Sales. 38 pages.

The Pumpkin Contest
Author: Martha Sales
Publisher: CSSS
Date Published: 9/15/2003
Product Code: 81240
Drawer: 238
Cover: Stapled
Pages: 38
Size: 5.5 x 8